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Implemented projects

The engineering company LLC «Intech GmbH» / ООО «Интех ГмбХ», Moscow, Russia, has developed over 100 big jobs at Russian industrial plants in such CIS countries as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltics.

Here is the list of the biggest projects over the last 5 years:

Clients Jobs
ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Нижегороднефтеоргсинтез (Кстово, Россия) / LUKOIL-Nizherogodnefteorgsintez JSC (Kstovo, Russia) Main centrifugal pump assemblies for bottom product of cat cracking complex column
ОАО Ангарский завод полимеров, Роснефть (Ангарск, Россия) / JSC Angarsk polymer plant, Rosneft (Angarsk, Russia) Design of high seismic resistant compressor unit for hydrocarbon gas compression complete with duplicated control system.
РН Туапсенефтепродукт, Роснефть (Туапсе, Россия) / RN Tuapse Refinery, Rosneft (Tuapse, Russia) Pump design and supply. Application: industrial sewage pumping.
Participation in sewage works modernization
ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Ухтанефтепереработка (г. Ухта, Россия) / LUKOIL Ukhtaneftepererabotka Ltd (Ukhta, Russia) Design of industrial sewage treatment system
Reformer hydrofiner revamp.
Multi-stage supercharger supply in the frames of air station modernization project.
Pump station supply for visbreaking unit and isomerization unit supply
Desalination plant and oil dehydration system design and manufacturing for crude vacuum unit
ТПП КогалымНефтегаз, ЛУКОЙЛ (Западная Сибирь, Россия) /TPP Kogalymneftegas, LUKOIL (Western Siberia, Russia) Sundyne pump supply for NGL pumping
Новокуйбышевский завод масел и присадок, Роснефть (Новокуйбышевск, Россия) / Novokuibyshevsk Oils and Additives Plant, Rosneft (Novokuibyshevsk, Russia) RHC and IDW pump design and supply
ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Пермьнефтесинтез (г. Пермь, Россия) / LUKOIL-Permneftesintez Ltd (Perm, Russia) Isomerization plant packaged supply and replacement of gas furnace electric heater for advanced oil processing center
ООО Газпром добыча Астрахань(Астраханьгазпром, Астрахань, Россия) / LLC Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan (Astrakhangazprom, Astrakhan, Russia) Industrial equipment complex supply
ООО ГАЗПРОМ добыча Оренбург (Оренбурггазпром, Оренбург, Россия) / LLC GAZPROM dobycha Orenburg (Orenburggazprom, Orenburg, Russia) Industrial equipment complex supply
ООО Газпром (трубопровод "Северный поток") / Gasprom LLC ("Nord Stream" gas pipeline) Natural gas dehydration system design and supply
Группа ЛУКОЙЛ Нефтехим / LUKOIL Neftekhim Group Screw compressor supply and elaboration of complex propane pumping unit
ООО Тобольск Нефтехим, СИБУР (г. Тобольск, Россия) / Tobolsk Neftekhim Ltd, SIBUR (Tobolsk, Russia) High-flow NGL barrel pump supply
Automatic isobutane analisys control system supply
Start-up of 2 pump assemblies for main product С2-С6 pumping
ООО Сибметахим, Востокгазпром (г. Томск, Россия) / Sibmetakhim Ltd Vostokgasprom (Tomsk, Russia) High pressure superheater design and supply.
Engineering design and supply of the second lot of high temperature superheater for methanol production furnaces
ОАО Губкинский ГПК, СИБУР (г.Губкинский, Россия) / JSC Gubkinsky GPK, SIBUR (Gubkinsky, Russia) Coupling connection upgrade for K-890 compressor complex.
ОАО Сибуртюменьгаз (г. Нижневартовск, Россия) / Siburtyumengaz JSC (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia) Supply of tools for pipeline hot tapping
ЗАО Ванкорнефть, (г. Красноярск, Россия) / Vankorneft JSC (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) Engineering design and installation supervision of two pumps for propane-butylene fraction injection for pressure maintenance, 329 bar, 57 m³/h
Sundyne pump supply for black oil fuel and diesel fuel pumping
Supply of Teikoku specific vertical pumps for highly volatile fluids. Application: cooling plant liquid propane pumping for gas dehydration plant.
Engineering design and supply of pumps for natural gas dehydration plant.
Elaboration of heating system complete with instrumentation and control system. Application: oil, hydrocarbons cut, chemical compound aqua solutions and circulating water.
ОАО Стрежевской НПЗ (г.Стрежевой, Россия) / Strezhevskskoi NPZ JSC (Strezhevoi, Russia) Heat exchanger part supply: spare parts and tube bundles
ООО ЮГРАгазпереработка (г. Нижневартовск, Россия), СИБУР и ТНК-BP / YUGRAgazpererabotka Ltd SIBUR and TNK-BP(Nizhnevartosvk, Russia) Supply of oil absorbtion plant equipment and valves
ОАО Татнефть (г. Альметьевск, Россия) / JSC Tatneft (Almetievsk, Russia) Supply and start-up of hydrogen compressor plant in the frames of reformer upgrade
Retrofitting and upgrade of piston compressors for compressor station
ООО КИНЕФ (г. Кириши, Россия) / KINEF Ltd (Kirishi, Russia) Complex supply of pumps for advanced oil processing
ТАИФ-НК (г. Нижнекамск, Россия)/ TAIF-NK (Nizhnekamsk, Russia) Supply of main raw material pumps for a gas-processing plant
Группа АЛЬЯНС (г. Хабаровск, Россия) / ALLIANCE Group (Khabarovsk, Russia) Selection and supply of complex oil desalting plants (electric dehydration plants) in the frames of electric desalter and dehydrator upgrade.
Complex pump supply for bituminic plant and chemical feed plant modernization.
Engineering and supply of pumps for bituminum plant reconstruction
ВСМПО АВИСМА (г. Верхняя Салда, Россия) / VSMPO AVISMA (Verkhnya Salda, Russia) Nitrogen fluoric pickling titanium solution cleaner elaboration.
Elaboration and supply of hydrodynamic mold cleaning unit for vacuum arc furnaces of Workshop 32.
Elaboration of high-pressure unit for cleaning of skull furnace top cover
Supply of dry chillers (ventilation cooling towers) for magnesium metal production
Elaboration and supply of water cooling towers complete with control system and plate-type heat exchangers for a complex technical refit.
ТНК ВР-РНПК (г. Рязань, Россия) / TNK BP-RNPK(Ryazan, Russia) Supply of thermal equipment for vacuum gas oil complex reactors in the frames of ABB Lummus project.
Elaboration and supply of liquid waste incinerator for the process of sulphuric acid production complete with burner devices and valve station.
Vacuum gas blower supply for hydrocarbon vapour recovery unit.
Elaboration and supply of incinerator complete with control system within the framework of sulphuric acid production plant upgrade project
ЕЛХОВ-НЕФТЬ НГДУ(Альметьевск, Россия) / YELKHOVNEFT Oil and Gas Production Board known as NGDU (Almetyevsk, Russia) Elaboration and follow-up of the project of pump supply within the frames of benzene-free component fraction recovery plant engineering.
ЗАО Метанол, Востокгазпром (г. Томск, Россия) / Metanol JSC, Vostokgazprom (Tomsk, Russia) Pyrolysis oven heat proof isolation replacement
ОАО Метафракс (г.Губаха, Россия)/ Metafraks JSC (Gubakha, Russia) Methanol production equipment and auxilliaries supply for the project of “Methanol Casale” production upgrade.
ОАО Томскнефтехим, СИБУР(г. Томск, Россия) / Tomskneftekhim JSC, SIBUR (Tomsk, Russia) Flameless burner replacement in monomer production furnaces.
Extruder reducer and high-pressure valves (2000-4000 bar) supply within the frames of production upgrade for the purpose of output increase
ОАО Пластик (г. Узловая, Россия) / Plastic JSC (Uzlovaya, Russia) Low NOx emmission burner supply
ЗАО Каустик (г. Стерлитомак, Россия) / Kaustik JSC (Sterlitomak, Russia) Woma 700Z ATUMAT type high-pressure unit supply complete with diesel engine (pressure up to 2500 bar)
ОАО Северсталь (г. Череповец, Россия) / Severstal JSC (Cherepovets, Russia) Coating workshop sewage treatment project elaboration.
Engineering design and supply of submersible equipment for hot zinc plating line.
ООО Техинвестстрой (Кашира, Россия) / Techinveststroi LLC. (Kashira, Russia) Supply and commissioning of roll grinding machine for rolling equipment.
Supply and commissioning of shot blasting machine for forming roll reinforcement.
Strip oiling system supply for hot zinc plating line.
Upgrade of rolling mill planisher.
Engineering design and supply of strip steering system required for fot zinc plating line.
ОАО Ашинский металлургический завод (г. АША, Россия) /JSC Ashinsky steelworks (Asha, Russia) Engineering design and supply of strip cooling system in production of steel amorphous strip.
ОАО Электростальтяжмаш (г. Электросталь, Россия) / JSC Elektrostaltyazhmash (Elektrostal, Russia) Shut-off and control valve supply for furnace equipment.
Юнистад (г. Дзержинск, Россия) / Unistad (Dzerzhinsk, Russia) Engineering design and supply of submersible equipment (bottom drums, stellen bearings and rollers) for hot galvalizing line
ОАО Мстатор (г.Боровичи, Россия) / JSC Mstator (Borovichi, Russia) Engineering design and supply of strip cooling line for steel amorphous strip production.
ОАО Самарский резервуарный завод (г. Самара, Россия) / JSC Samara reservoir plant (Samara, Russia) Engineering design and supply of submersible equipment (bottom drums, stellen bearings and rollers) for hot galvanizing line
ОАО Белорецкий металлургический комбинат (г. Белорецк, Россия) / Beloretskiy Metallurgic Plant JSC (Beloretsk, Russia) Hydraulic equipment supply for Rolling Mill 150 overhaul.
ОАО Каширский завод стали с покрытием (г. Кашира, Россия) / Kashirskiy Coated Steel Plant JSC (Kashira, Russia) Engineering design and supply of submersible equipment for hot galvanizing line
ОАО Новолипецкий металлургический комбинат (г. Липецк, Россия) / Novolipetskiy Metallurgic plant JSC (Lipetsk, Russia) Engineering design and supply of submersible equipment for hot galvanizing line of cold rolling workshop.
Supply and commissioning of surface grinding machine for dynamo sheet steel production line.
Engineering design and supply of submersible equipment (bottom, control, stabilizing rollers, stellen and ceramic journal bearings) for hot galvanizing line.
ОАО Металлургический завод (г. Электросталь, Россия) / Metallurgic Plant JSC (Elektrostal, Russia) Hydraulic equipment supply for radial-forged line
ОАО Оскольский электрометаллургический комбинат (г. Старый Оскол, Россия) / Oskolskiy Eletric Metallurgic Plant JSC (Stari Oskol, Russia) Supply and commissioning of three plunger ATUMAT Typ Woma 250 ARP pump
ОАО ЕВРАЗ НТМК (Нижнетагильский металлургический комбинат, г. Нижний Тагил, Россия) / EVRAZ- NTMK JSC (Nizhnetagilsky integrated steelworks, Nizhni Tagil, Russia) Engineering design, supply and start-up of preheater
Project elaboration of gantry robots for wheel-tyre production.
ООО ГалоПолимер Кирово-Чепецк (г. Кирово-Чепецк, Россия) / GaloPolymer Kirovo-Chepetsk LLC. (Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia) Supply of carbon-lorraine polybloc heat-exchangers for chloroform production
ЗАО Метадинеа (г. Губаха, Россия) /CJSC Metadinea (Gubakha, Russia) Supply of industrial equipment for synthetic resin production
ОАО Ростовский электрометаллургический завод (Ростов-на Дону, Россия) / JSC Rostovsky electrometallurgical plant (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia) Engineering design and supply of mechanical interchngeable equipment for scraps transportation line.
Камасталь, ОАО Мотовилихинские заводы (г. Пермь, Россия) / Kamastal, JSC Motovilikhinskye works (Perm, Russia) Roll mill control and shutoff valve supply
Вектрон (Москва, Россия) / Vectron (Moscow, Russia) Coating workshop project elaboration
ОАО Группа "ИЛИМ" (г. Усть – Илимск, Россия) / JSC “ILIM” Group (Ust-Ilimsk, Russia) Wepuko pumps supply for presses
Flender gear motor-drive supply
АПО Узметкомбинат (г. Бекабад, Узбекистан) / Uzmetkombinat APO (Bekabad, Uzbekistan) Elaboration of upgrade project of walking beam reheating furnace No. 2 of Mill 300, Workshop 2 for reduction of gas consumption by 40%, increase of rated output and scaling reduction
ОАО Фергана АЗОТ (г. Фергана, Узбекистан) / Farg’onaazot JSC (Ferghana, Uzbekistan) «Supply and step-by-step replacement of chlorate chambers in defoliant production»
«Secondary reformer lining upgrade, revamp of pumps for ammonia production»
УДП Бухарский НПЗ (г. Бухара, Узбекистан) / USE Bukhara refinery plant (Bukhara, Uzbekistan) «Service maintenance, installation, and commissioning of pumps and compressors»
ОАО Максам-Чирчик (г. Чирчик, Республика Узбекистан) / Maxam Chirchik plant JSC (Chirchik, Republic Uzbekistan) «Carbamide production plant modernization, installation, commissioning, and replacement of all the piston pumps with Sundyne high speed single stage pumps, control and regulation system upgrade in Carbamide workshop»
«Reformer supply and repair including full replacement of reforming pipes and lining»
«Engineering design and replacement of vertical heat exchanger (No. 603) with horizontal heat-exchanging system in ammonia production»
Supply of one-stage centrifugal Sundyne pumps. Application: sewage pumping in ammonia desorbtion and urea hydraulysis system
УДП Ферганский нефтеперерабатывающий завод (г. Фергана, Узбекистан) / Fergana refining plant (Fergana, Uzbekistan) Teikoku pumps supply
ТОО СП КазГерМунай (г. Кызылорда, Казахстан) / JV KazGerMunai (Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan) «Supply of ready-to-operate block formation-pressure maintenance pump system»
Каспий Нефть ТМЕ (Актюбинск, Казахстан) / Kaspiy neft ТМЕ (Aktiubinsk, Казахстан) «Supply of ready-to-operate block-type formation-pressure maintenance pump system»
Атырауский НПЗ (Атырау, Казахстан) / Atyrau NPZ (Atyrau, Kazakhstan) «Supply of list of equipment for modern raw and final product quality evaluation laboratory»
«Pump supply»
Pump supply
ПетроКазахстан Ойл Продактс (Чимкент, Казахстан) / Petro Kazakhstan Oil Products (Chimkent, Kazakhstan) «Elaboration of complex oil sludge treatment and processing lines used at sludge storage in the process of tank and water surfaces cleaning»
Рудник "Южный Инкай" ТОО "СП Бетпак Дала"(Республика Казахстан) / Mine "Yuzhniy Inkai" "JV Betpak Dala" Ltd (Republic Kazakhstan) «Elaboration, delivery and start-up of rotary calciners for uranium peroxide drying and calcination (UO4.2H2O) (300 kg/h, humidity level 30%)»
ОАО Полтавский ГОК (г. Комсомольск, Украина) JSC / Poltavksiy GOK (Komsomolsk, Ukraine) «Upgrade of slurry facilities: wedge-gate and knife valve supply (DN 1000) complete with hydraulic drives and hydraulic accumulators»
Николаевский Глиноземный Комбинат (г. Николаев, Украина) / Nikolaevskiy Alumina Plant (Nikolaev, Ukraine) «Engineering design and replacement of calciner lining»
Юнистил (г. Кривой рог, Украина) / Unisteel (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine) Engineering design and delivery of submersible equipment (bottom drums, stellen bearings and rollers) for hot galvanizing line
АЗОТ (г. Черкассы, Украина) / AZOT (Cherkassy, Ukraine) «Participation in caprolactam production upgrade and extension project including pump supply for highly corrosive media»
«Upgrade and replacement of automatic recirculation valves»
Одесский Припортовый завод (г.Южное, Украина) / Odesskiy Priportovoi Plant (Yuzhnoye, Ukraine) «Catalyst Replacement for ammonia production»
Waste heat boiler spare parts supply
Pimary reformer catalyzer
ПАО ДнепрАЗОТ(Украина) / PJSC DneprAZOT(Ukraine) Turbine rotors
ПАО Концерн Стирол (Украина) / PJSC Conzern Stirol (Ukraine) Piston dosing pump for water condensate supply
Hydraulic pressure regulator
ВЕНТ Бункер (Латвия) / VENT Bunker (Latvia) «Elaboration of diesel fuel coloration line»
ОАВ NAPC (Литва) / OAB NAPC (Lithuania) «Design of spent oil cracking plant»
Арселор Миттал Таллин (Эстония) / Arselor Mittal Tallin (Estonia) Engineering design and delivery of hot galvanizing line.
U.S. Steel Kosice (Словакия) / U.S. Steel Kosice (Slovakia) Engineering design and delivery of hot galvanizing line