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Distributor (authorized representative) to supply metalworking machinery to industrial enterprises of Russia

Engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), Russia, has been successfully working with a number of Russian industrial enterprises at the local market for more than 20 years. Since the company’s founding, it has acquired immense engineering experience, market reputation, and has realized more than a hundred large-scale projects at the industrial plants in Russia. Our company is continuously in search of new business partners, who consider Russian market investment-attractive and want to boost their sales in the region, as well as expand their field of activities and enter a new international level.

We are interested in cooperation with the manufacturers of metal working equipment, who are looking for an official and reliable distributor to supply their equipment to the industrial plants in Russia.

The company’s top management and sales team are well acquainted with the Russian market, its mentality and laws; they also understand industrial specifics of the financial and economic activities of the Russian customers. All our sales managers have a large customer database, extensive experience of successful sales and well-established connections with the potential buyers of your metal working systems. This allows our managers to promptly set out the most promising directions for promotion and to ensure a rapid entry of the products into the promising Russian market. Our employees, who are fluent in English and German, are focused on working at the international market with the supplies of foreign equipment.

Our team of experienced engineers, who can handle the most serious technical problems, constantly keeps in touch with the Russian customers, holds meetings and delivers presentations regarding the latest achievements of our manufacturing partners. They point out the engineering challenges and actively communicate with all the departments at Russian plants. That is why the specifics of doing a business in the Russian Federation are well-known to us, and we also know the equipment of the local industrial plants and their up-to-date modernization needs.

Once we become your authorized representative in Russia, our marketing staff will carry out a market research in order to check the demand for metal working lines, will submit a market overview for metal working machines that you offer and evaluate the needs for this type of equipment at local plants. Our specialists will also estimate the potential and capacity of this market at local industrial plants. Our IT-team will start developing a website for your products in Russian. Our experts will assess the conformity between your metal working machinery and customer needs as well as analyze the common reaction to the new goods in general. We will look into the categories of potential customers, and pick out the largest and the most promising plants.

Upon becoming your authorized agent on the territory of Russia, ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will obtain certificates, if required, for a batch of the goods, for various types of metal working systems in compliance with Russian standards. We can also arrange the inspection in order to obtain TR TS 010 and TR TS 012 Certificates. These certificates provides permission to operate your equipment at all industrial plants of the EAEU countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), including the hazardous industrial facilities. Our company is eager to assist in issuing Technical Passports for metal working machinery as per Russian and other EAEU countries’ requirements.

Our engineering company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), collaborates with several Russian design institutes in various industrial segments, which allows us to conduct preliminary design as well as subsequent design works according to the standards, construction rules and regulations that are applicable in Russia and other CIS countries. It also enables us to include your metalworking equipment into the future projects.

The Company has its own logistics department that can provide packing service, handling as well as the most efficient and cost effective mode of transportation of the goods (incl. over dimensional and overweight goods). The goods can be delivered on DAP or DDP-customer’s warehouse basis in full compliance with all the relevant regulations and requirements that are applicable on the Russian market..

Our company has its own certified specialists who will carry out installation supervision and commissioning of the delivered equipment, as well as further guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of metalworking equipment. They will also provide necessary training and guidance for the customer’s personnel.

Metalworking is an integral part of the manufacturing process in many industries, mechanical engineering and construction. High-quality metal processing services are required everywhere. Metal processing lines can be customized (designed in various configurations and include various optional equipment for metalworking).

Equipment for metalworking: metal sheet bending equipment

Purpose: Bending machines are designed to process sheet metal up to 1 mm thick and 3000 mm long.

Design features:

The pressing and bending beams are equipped with an electric motor, which can significantly enhance the performance capacity of bending operations.

Simple and robust construction ensures a long service life of the machine. The bending machine has an unlimited depth of sheet feeding.

Steel strip forming line

The line comprises the following equipment:

  • decoiler-trolley for rolls;
  • combined straightening machine and feeding device;
  • CNC-controlled table for flexible hydraulic forging;
  • trimming and dividing shears for forged billets;
  • conveying table for roll forming production;
  • roll forming machines with molding cassettes

Purpose: forming line is used for production of road barriers

Basic operations: unwinding, straightening, punching, profiling, cutting. The line is CNC PLC controlled and AV speed control inverter is used, the line is fully automated.

Profile forming automatic line

The line comprises:

  • decoiling system, comprising a supply trolley, a braking mechanism.
  • sheet alignment device and sheet feeder to rolling unit
  • rolling mechanism
  • cutting mechanism
  • receiving stacking table
  • stacker mechanism
  • drive systems
  • electronic control system unit

Line operating principle:

A metal coil is placed at the receiving trolley, further coil loading to the cutting line is performed automatically. A decoiling mechanism is equipped with an automatic speed control system and emergency brake with a pneumatic actuator. Special rack rails prevent skewing of the material.

Sheet straightening mechanism provides a steady feed of material with respect to the rolling axis of the mill. A rolling mill forms the profile and a forging mechanism gives the step movement required of the tile received. A cut-to-length assembly is equipped with high-quality crop shear blades, designed for long service life.

Finished products are stacked into piles at the unloading table. Unloading of the finished sheet is automatic. Rolling lines are designed for production of corrugated boards. The lines are highly versatile and allow working with different types of material: non-ferrous metals, galvanized steel, metals with decorative and protective lacquer coating.

The equipment is highly automated, which allows for high accuracy and quality.

Rolling lines are manufactured in accordance with individual customer's technical specification that provides the most complete line matching of the parameters of the final product and the operating conditions of the equipment.

Automatic line and equipment for metal tile sheet production

During forming of the sheet, cutting to the required (predetermined) length is made automatically according to the customer’s request.

Distinctive features of the lines:

  • reliability
  • low noise level
  • robust transmission
  • easy to use


Decoiling ► Film coating mechanism ► Straightening system ► Profile rolling ► Forming to length ► Cutting off ► Unattended unloading table

The line comprises a decoiler, shears, roll forming mill, press die, crop shear for cutting the final product, and an automatic stacker with motorized roller conveyor

Trapezoidal profile forming machine

A trapezoidal profile forming machine provide for reliable manufacturing solutions for both small and industrial production of sheet metal. All components and design units, such as cutters and drives, are applied using the most practical and proven solutions. Our machines for production of trapezoidal sections and wave profile are fully automated, which makes it possible to control the equipment by a single operator. The modern software and intuitive user interface facilitate fast setup of the machine settings.

Slate panel making machine

Purpose: production of metal slate (slate roof imitation)

The roll forming machine allows making a profile that combines the aesthetic enjoyment of traditional slate roof and technical characteristics of modern steel covering.

Due to the special geometry of the profile, installation of the panels takes little time and does not require much effort.

This design is absolutely waterproof.

Moreover, the panels can be mounted directly on the crate rafters. The roll forming machine is equipped with a frame and working stands of machine production. This allows for unmatched accuracy of the profile manufacturing, and, therefore, the roof is absolutely watertight in all operating conditions.

All functions are performed on the same panel with easy on-screen interface.

Modern software determines the required point of the segments cut off on the basis of a predetermined profile length.

Upon becoming the official distributer of metalworking machinery, our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), carries out the following: finds the buyers of your products on the market, conducts technical and commercial negotiations with the customers regarding the supplies of your equipment, concludes contracts. Should a bidding take place, we will collect and prepare all the documents required for the participation, conclude all the necessary contracts for the supply of your equipment, as well as register the goods (metalworking equipment) and conduct customs clearance procedures. We will also register a certificate of transaction (Passport of Deal) required for all foreign trade contracts in the foreign currency control department of the authorized Russian bank so that currency transaction could be effected. If required, our company will implement an equipment spacing project in order to integrate your equipment into the existing or newly built production plant.

We are convinced that our company ‘Intech GmbH’ LLC (ООО «Интех ГмбХ»), will become your reliable, qualified and efficient partner & distributor in Russia.

We are always open for cooperation, so let’s move forward together!