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Our customers in oil and gas industries

INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, Moscow, Russia in cooperation with its general partner ENCE GmbH (Hergiswil, Switzerland) supplies packaged projects and individual technical equipment and components to the following Customers in CIS countries in oil and gas industries.

Plant name Scope of activity
OJSC OC Rosneft / ОАО НК Роснефть Moscow, Russia.
The largest company engaged in production, refining and marketing of oil, gas and various petrochemicals in Russia. Rosneft introduces and implements only state-of-the-art technologies and the latest energy efficient equipment. Rosneft in Russia comprises 7 large oil refining enterprises as well as 4 mini refineries. Corporation Rosneft is the absolute leader in terms of deposits of liquid hydrocarbons. In 2010 Rosneft’s refineries, mini refineries included, processed over 370 million barrels of oil, 56,0% of which are light oil products. Corporation Rosneft also produces a variety of polymers ethylene, propylene, HP polyethylene, polysterol, benzol, etc.
In 2010 Rosneft’s gas refineries processed about 800 million m³ of associated gas.
OJSC Syzran Refinery plant / ОАО Сызранский НПЗ Syzran, Russia.
The annual capacity of Syzran Refinery is over 65,0 million barrels of oil. Output products include gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil, jet kerosene, bitumen, etc. The plant’s facilities include catalytic reforming units, thermal and catalytic cracking units, gas fraction and bitumen units.
OJSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company, Angarsk Refinery / ОАО Ангарская нефтехимическая компания, Ангарский НПЗ Angarsk, Russia.
Angarsk Refinery is one of the largest refineries in Russia, in 2010 over 71,0 million barrels of oil was processed at the plant. The refinery produces gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil, etc. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
JSC Angarsk Polymer plant / ОАО Ангарский завод полимеров Angarsk, Russia.
The plant produces ethylene, propylene, high-pressure polyethylene (HPP), styrene and polystyrene. It is the petrochemical division of OJSC Angarsk Refinery. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
JSC RN-Komsomolsk-Refinery plant / ООО РН-Комсомольский НПЗ Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia.
The plant’s capacity makes up 8 million tonnes of oil per year. The plant produces petrol, diesel fuel, kerosene. It is also specialized in jet and motor fuel production. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft. Main sales markets are Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.
OJSC Kuibyshev Refinery / ОАО Куйбышевский НПЗ Samara, Russia.
The plant’s capacity is 6.5 million tonnes of oil per year. The plant produces petrol, diesel fuel, fuel oil, etc. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft. The enterprise produces high quality motor fuel, its processing capacities include catalytic cracking and catalytic reforming units, as well as hydrofining units.
OJSC Novokuibyshev Refinery / ОАО Новокуйбышевский НПЗ Novokuibyshevsk, Russia
The plant’s capacity amounts to 8 million tonnes of oil per year. The plant produces gasoilne, diesel fuel, kerosene. Its processing facilities hydrocracker and delayed coking units, catalytic reforming units, isomerization units, hydrofining units for kerosene and diesel fuel, bitumen and gas fraction units, as well as a gasoline blending unit. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
JSC Novokuibyshev Oils and Additives Plant / ООО Новокуйбышевский завод масел и присадок Novokuibyshevsk, Russia
The plant produces 63 kinds of oil: industrial, marine, quenching, specialty and universal motor oils (including 19 kinds of API motor oil), as well as greases and additives of about 321 million tonnes in total. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
JSC Rosneft – Tuapse Refinery / ООО Роснефть-Туапсинский НПЗ
Tuapse, Russia
The plant capacity is 4.5 million tonnes of oil per year. The plant produces gasoilne, diesel fuel, fuel oil and other kinds of fuel. The plant is also specialized in motor fuel production. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
JSC Rosneft-Tuapsenefteproduct / ООО Роснефть-Туапсенефтепродукт Tuapse, Russia
The plant conducts transshipment of oil products from rail tankers and refineries to carriers and tankers as well as stores and unloads petrochemicals to seagoing vessels. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
CJCS Vankorneft / ЗАО Ванкорнефть Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Production of hydrocarbons began in 2009. Output in 2010 amounted to 12.7 million tonnes of crude oil. Oil from the oil field is chiefly exported.
Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
OJSC Tomskneft / ОАО Томскнефть Tomsk, Russia.
The enterprise produces more than 10 million tonnes of oil annually. Associated gas is refined here. In 2010 the plant beat its records in terms of raw hydrocarbons production, drilling works and bringing in new wells. OJSC Tomskneft VNK introduces the latest innovative technologies in order to increase production efficiency and sustain the environment. Its founders are OJSC OC Rosneft and OJSC Gazprom Neft.
JSC Strezhevskoy oil-refinery / ООО Стрежевской НПЗ Strezhevoy, Russia.
The refinery is engaged in production of petrochemicals.Strezhevskoye Refinery transports and processes crude oil to produce fuels and lubricants, as well as gasoline. The capacity is 0,3 million tonnes of oil per year. Part of OJSC Tomskneft.
OJSC Samaraneftegaz / ОАО Самаранефтегаз Samara, Russia.
Produces more than 10,3 million tonnes of crude oil and 460 million cubic meters of gas per year. Refines associated gas.
Proximity of the plant’s production facilities to one of Russia’s largest oil refining centers provides for high cost efficiency. Part of OJSC OC Rosneft.
JSC RN-Burenie / ООО РН-Бурение Moscow, Russia
One of the largest drilling services companies in Russia, part of OJSC Rosneft. RN-Burenie was founded in 2006 on the basis of Rosneft’s divisions to manage and provide services in drilling.
OJSC Lukoil / ОАО Лукойл Moscow, Russia.
One of the largest companies in Russia engaged in production, refining, transportation of oil and marketing of petrochemicals.
Oil company OJSC Lukoil accounts for 1,0% of global oil deposits and 2,2% of oil production. The company pursues crude refining, oil production, gas refining, petrochemistry, as well as power generation. Total volume of oil sold in 2010, including oil supplied to be refined at the company’s own and external refineries, exceeded 110 million tonnes. Overall capacity of the company’s refineries made up 71,5 million tonnes of oil per year as of late 2010. The company owns 4 oil refineries and 2 mini-refineries in Russia, as well as 4 gas-processing plants. The company’s assets also include 2 petrochemical plants. LUKOIL currently produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum and gas products and petrochemicals, selling them via wholesale and retail in over 30 countries worldwide. In December 2010 the company commissioned a catalytic cracking facility, enabling production of gasoline that fully meets Euro-5 standards.
JSC Lukoil-Permnefteorgsintez / ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Пермнефтеоргсинтез Perm, Russia
One of the leading refineries in Russia active in fuel and oil production, it is one of the leading enterprises in oil segment, half of produced petrochemicals is exported. Oil processing depth reaches 93%.
JSC Lukoil -Ukhtaneftepererabotka / ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Ухтанефтепереработка Ukhta, the Komi Republic, Russia
An oil refining enterprise. Some products include diesel fuel, gasoline, oils, etc. Part of OJSC Lukoil.
JSC LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka / ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Волгограднефтепереработка Volgograd, Russia
The largest producer of petrochemicals, fuel and lubricant materials the Southern Federal District of Russia. The company is part of OJSC LUKOIL.
JSC LUKOIL–Perm / ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Пермь Perm, Russia
One of the largest oil producing enterprises with 139 oil fields. Annual capacity of oil production in 2010 amounted to 13,0 million tonnes. Part of OJSC Lukoil.
JSC Lukoil–Komi / ООО ЛУКОЙЛ-Коми Usinsk, Russia
The plant conducts exploration, hydrocarbons field construction and development in the Komi Republic and in the Nenets Autonomous District. Part of OJSC Lukoil.
JSC Permneftegazpererabotka / ООО Пермнефтегазпереработка Perm, Russia
The plant conducts associated gas receipt, transportation and refinement as well as transportation and marketing of natural gas. It produces propane - butane mixture, commercial butane, hexane-heptane fraction, casing-head gasoline, stripped gas, sodium hydrosulfide, pentane – i-pentane fraction etc.
The products meet GOST and other standards and have a variety of applications. Part of OJSC Lukoil .
JSC Stavrolen / ООО СтаBPолен Budenovsk, Russia.
One of the largest manufacturers of vinyl acetate, low pressure polyethylene, vinyl acetate,pyrolyzates.
Part of LUKOIL Neftekhim Group.
JSC Saratovorgsintez / ООО Саратоворгсинтез Saratov, Russia
The plant produces acrylonitrile acid, process acetonitrile and briquetted sodium cyanide. The company was founded by CJSC Lukoil-Neftekhim and OJSC Lukoil.
OJSC Lokosovsky GPP / ОАО Локосовский ГПК Langepas, Russia
Gas process capacity is 1.07 bln. cubic meters per year. Part of OJSC Lukoil-Western Siberia. The complex’s facilities include a gas refining plant, boosting pump station and gas pipeline network. The plant is planning n increase in associated gas processing capacity up to 1,5 billion cubic meters.
TNK-BP Company / Компания ТНК-BP Moscow, Russia
Russia’s third largest oil and gas company and is in the top 10 of the privately-owned oil companies. It’s one of the largest companies in terms of oil production, refining, the company refines and markets large amounts of produced crude oil and various petrochemicals.
ТНК-BP oil refining capacities account for 740 000 barrels a day. Oil production capacity is 75 million tonnes per year, whereas refining capacity is 34 million tonnes per year. Pipeline length is over 25 000 km.
At the moment the company sells 9 grades of crude, 46 kinds of petrochemicals. TNK BP sell gasoline for domestic market and exports fuel and diesel oil. TNK-BP personnel accounts for more than 50 000 employees.
Produces about 5,9 million tonnes of oil and 836 million cubic meters of associated gas per year. Active wells stock currently numbers as much as 2 900. Drilling volume was 107 wells. Part of ТНК - BP.
JSC The Krasnoleninsk Refinery / ООО Красноленинский Нефтеперерабатывающий завод Nyagan, Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia.
Produces light petrochemicals – gasolines, jet kerosene, diesel fuel. In 2008 the plant processed over 151 000 tonnes of oil, petrochemicals output was as follows: 58 000 tonnes of stable gasoline, 71 000 tonnes of diesel fuel, аs well as about 20 000 tonnes of 20 000 tonnes of jet fuel. The plant is ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9000 certified. Part of OJSC TNK-NYAGAN.
OJSC TNK-Nizhnevartovsk
(Oil and Gas Production Division Chernogorneft)/ ОАО ТНК-Нижневартовск (НГДУ Черногорнефть)
Nizhnevartovsk, Russia.
The annual production of crude is 8 million tonnes. At the moment new wells are being introduced, hydraulic fracturing of formation is being carried out, the company also intends to implement a formation pressure maintenance system at the Samotlor field.
Part of TNK-BP.
NIZHNEVARTOVSKOE NEFTEPERERABATYVAYUSCHEE OBEDINENIE (NNPO) / ООО Нижневартовское нефтеперерабатывающее объединение (ННПО) Nizhnevartovsk, Russia
Produces stable gasoline, summer, winter and arctic diesel fuel as well as jet fuel. The plant produces 151 000 tonnes of oil, petrochemicals output is 800 000 tonnes of stable gasoline, 466 000 tonnes of diesel fuel, as well as 77 000 tonnes as jet fuel.
Part of TNK-BP.
CJSC RYAZAN REFINERY plant/ ЗАО Рязанский нефтеперерабатывающий завод Ryazan, Russia
Produces NGL, motor gasoline, jet fuel, summer and winter diesel fuel, boiler and furnace fuel, fuel oil, bitumen, lubricating oil and solvents.
Part of ТNК - BP.
OJSC SARATOV REFINERY plant / ОАО Саратовский НПЗ Saratov, Russia
Produces over 20 kinds of products, among them lead-free gasolines, industrial sulphur, diesel oil, fuel oil, bitumens, vacuum gas oil. In 2012 the plant is planning to carry out several large-scale projects: overhaul of diesel fuel hydrogen refining complex, installation of isomerization and sulphur unit equipment, completion of oil products loading facilities upgrade. The plant refines approximately 5,8 million tons of oil annually. Part of ТNК - BP.
OJSC Tatneft / ОАО Татнефть Almetyevsk, the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
One of Russia’s largest oil companies. Tatneft is engaged in oil processing industry, petrochemical industry and has a large market for oil and gas, as well as petrochemicals. The company accounts for more than 80% of oil production in Tatarstan and about 8% of total oil production in Russia.
NPU NGDU ELKHOVNEFT / НПУ НГДУ Елховнефть Elkhov, Russia
The plant produces gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, as well as sulphur. In the near future the plant is planning to put into operation a vacuum unit ELOU-AVT-7, as well as аviscosity breaking and a sulphur recovering unit, which shall facilitate production of industrial kerosene, vacuum gas oil, furnace fuel.
Part of OJSC Tatneft.
OJSC KAZANORGSINTEZ / ОАО Казаньоргсинтез Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
Produces more than 170 kinds of products: low pressure polyethylene, high pressure polyethylene, bisphenol A, polycarbonates, ethylen, liquid and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Export accounts for over 30% of produce. The plant’s personnel is more than 9000 employees.
OJSC TAIF-NK / ОАО ТАИФ-НК Nizhnekamsk, the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.
Produces vacuum gas oil, kerosene, gasolines, furnace and diesel fuel, furnace fuel oil, bitumens, granulated sulphur, etc.
OJSC NIZHNEKAMSKNEFTEKHIM / ОАО Нижнекамскнефтехим Nizhnekamsk, the Republic of Tatarstan Russia
Produces polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, synthetic rubber, surfactants, styrene, ethylene, dicyclopentadiene, butadiene, ethers, alcohols, nonylphenols, glycols, polyethers, resins, linear alpha-olephins, nitrogen, argon, compressed air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. Part of TAIF Group.
JSOC BASHNEFT / ОАО АНК Башнефть Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
The largest energy company in the Republic of Bashkortostan. JSOC Bashneft produces and refines oil. JSOC Bashneft sells its produce on the Russian market and exports it to Western Europe, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
OJSC UFANEFTEKHIM / ОАО Уфанефтехим Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
The annual refining capacity of the enterprise makes up as much as 9,5 million tonnes of oil. Products include high octane gasolines, diesel and burner fuel, bitumen, coke, lump sulphur, liquefied gases, etc. Part of JSOC Bashneft.
OJSC NOVOUFIMSK OIL REFINERY plant (OJSC NOVOIL) / ОАО Ново-Уфимский нефтеперерабатывающий завод (ОАО Новойл) Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
Produces motor, jet and special fuel, fuel oil, liquefied gases and motor oils. Part of JSOC Bashneft. OJSC Novoil has at its disposal units of primary oil processing, reforming and isomerization, hydrofining, thermal cracking, cocker units, as well as units for oil distillate deparaffination, bitumen and sulphur production, gas desulphurization. The plant has the capacity to process different raw hydrocarbons: low-and high-sulphur oil, medium and heavy distillates, gas condensates. The plant’s capacity is 7.1 million tonnes of oil per year.
OJSC UFAORGSINTEZ / ОАО Уфаоргсинтез Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
Produces petrochemicals, including Balen, HDPE, aceton, phenol, alpha-methylstyrene, isopropyl, synthetic rubber, etc. Part of company OJSC Bashneft.
OJSC UFA OIL REFINERY plant / ОАО Уфимский НПЗ Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
The plant’s processing capacity is 7,5 million tons of oil per year. Produces motor diesel, fuel oil, liquefied gases, industrial sulphur, bisphenol A. In order to facilitate production of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standard gasolines the plant management is planning to overhaul the circuit of straight-run and secondary gasolines separation and install special equipment for hydrotreatment of catalytic gasoline.
Part of JSOC Bashneft.
JSC TRANSNEFT / АК Транснефть Moscow, Russia
JSC Transneft provides oil transportation services. The company is constantly diversifying its product delivery routes and creating efficient export routes. Implementation of all investment projects planned for 2012 will allow to create a single pipeline system, integrating two main directions – western and eastern.
OJSC TsUP STROYNEFT / ОАО ЦУП Стройнефть Moscow, Russia.
Subsidiary of JSC Transneft.
OJSC SURGUTNEFTEGAS / ОАО Сургутнефтегаз Surgut, Russia.
OJSC Surgutneftegas is involved in oil and gas exploration and production as well as gas-to-electricity processing. Oil processing is carried out at LLC KINEF (Kirishinefteorgsintez) facilities. The company’s production capacities account for approximately 13% of oil and 25% of gas production of oil companies in Russia
LLC KINEF (Kirishinefteorgsintez)/ ООО КИНЕФ (Киришинефтеоргсинтез) Kirishi, Russia.
Produces gasoline, diesel fuel, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquid paraffin, bitumen, alkylbenzene, sulphuric acid, etc. Part of OJSC Surgutneftegas.
OJSC NAFTAN / ОАО НАФТАН Novopolotsk, the Republic of Belarus.
Produces natural gas liquids (NGL), gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, furnace fuel oil, vacuum gasoil, motor and industrial oils, bitumen, sulphuric acid, etc. The enterprise aims to increase its capacity to 12 million tonnes per year, meet EU standards, develop facilities, decrease furnace fuel oil output to 6% and take steps to cut power consumption.
OJSC ALYANS OIL COMPANY / НК Альянс Moscow, Russia
Alyans Oil Company is engaged in exploration and processing of hydrocarbons. The company has launched over 20 environmental facilities in the past several years and is currently putting into operation various vapor recovery units, oil products load and discharge systems of closed type and implementing efficient oily waste recovery technologies.
OJSC KHABAROVSK OIL REFINERY plant / ОАО Хабаровский Нефтеперерабатывающий Завод Khabarovsk, Russia.
The main producer of boiler and diesel fuels in Russia’s Far East. Oil processing design capacity is 4,35 million tonnes per year.
The enterprise also produces jet kerosene, gasolines, bunker and furnace fuel oil, diesel fuel, road, roofing and construction petroleum bitumens, propane-butane gas, carbon dioxide ice, as well as fluid carbon dioxide.
Part of Alyans Oil Company.
JSC SALAVATNEFTEORGSINTEZ / ОАО Салаватнефтеоргсинтез Salavat, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
Produces gasolines, diesel fuel, mazut, HDPE, corrosion inhibitors, ethylene, styrene, polystyrenes, silicagels, catalytic agents, carbamide, ammonia, etc.
OJSC ORSKNEFTEORGSINTEZ / ОАО Орскнефтеоргсинтез Orsk, Russia.
Products include liquefied gases, gasolines AI-95, AI-92. AI-80, jet fuel, European standard motor and diesel fuel, bitumen, fuel oil, asphalt, oils, etc. In 2010 the plant processed over 5 million tonnes of crude oil. Gasoline production capacity exceeded 750 000 tonnes.
OJSC Gazprom NEFT / ОАО Газпром нефть Moscow, Russia.
One of Russia’s largest companies in oil exploration, production and processing. The company’s core activities are exploration, development, production and consequent marketing of oil and gas, as well as production and marketing of petrochemicals. The company processes more than 70% of produced oil, its products are exported to 50 countries worldwide.
OJSC Gazprom Neft–Omsk Oil Refinery plant / ОАО Газпромнефть-Омский НПЗ Omsk, Russia.
Produces gasoline, summer and winter diesel fuel, gas oils, benzol, ortoxylene, paraxylene, eclectrode coke, road bitumens, sulphuric acid, carbon dioxide, gaseous sulphur, butane, etc.
Part of OJSC Gazprom.
OJSC Gazprom Neft – Noyabrskneftegas / ОАО Газпромнефть-Ноябрьскнефтегаз Noyabrsk, Russia
The largest gas and oil producing company in Yamal region. The oil producing enterprise makes use of the latest innovative technologies, state-of-the-art equipment. Part of OJSC Gazprom Neft.
One of the world’s largest energy companies. OJSC Gazprom carries out field exploration, produces, transports, stores, processes and markets hydrocarbons. Gazprom accounts for 15% of the global gas production, in 2010 the company produced 508,6 billion cubic meters of natural and associated gas, 32 million tonnes of oil and 11,3 million tonnes of condensate and processed 33, billion cubic meters of gas and 50,2 million tonnes of oil and condensate. OJSC Gasprom has the largest gas transportation system, capable of continuously transporting gas over long distances to Russian and foreign customers. Natural gas from Central Asia is a crucial element in shaping Gazprom’s resource base to meet the demand in Russia, CIS countries (Kasakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) and Europe.
LLC Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan (Аstrakhangazprom) / ООО Газпром добыча Астрахань (Астраханьгазпром) Astrakhan, Russia
Sour hydrocarbons production, gas and condensate processing. Production of dry and liquefied gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, mazut, liquid, granulated and lump sulphur. Part of OJSC GAZPROM.
LLC Gazprom dobycha Orenburg (Orenburggazprom) / ООО Газпром добыча Оренбург (Оренбурггазпром) Orenburg, Russia.
Produces gas, condensate and oil. Hydrocarbons are processed into conditioned gas, stabilized condensate, ethane fraction, liquefied petroleum gases, sulphur, calodorant, pentane-hexane fraction and gaseous helium at two plants. The company also transports gas, condensate and petrochemicals. Part of OJSC GAZPROM
ОLLC Gazprom transgaz Surgut
(Surgutgazprom) / ООО Газпром трансгаз Сургут (Сургутгазпром)
Surgut, Russia.
Thefacilities of the gas transporting company integrate 17 compressor stations, 35 compressor workshops, 6 213 km gas trunklines. In 30years of operation the company has extracted about 430 billion cubic meters of gas, transported 2,431 billion cubic meters of gas and produced approximately 100 million tonnes of oil/gas condensate mixture. Part of OJSC GAZPROM.
LLC Gazprom dobycha Yamburg
(Yamburgdobycha) / ООО Газпром добыча Ямбург (Ямбурггаздобыча)
Novy Urengoy, YaNAO, Russia.
In 2009 the company produced its 4th trillion cubic meters of gas. It annually produces 230 billion cubic meters of gas and 1,5 million tonnes of gas condensate. 12 comprehensive gas treatment units, 15 booster compressor stations, 5 gas conditioning units are employed by the enterprise. The company also has over 2000 gas wells at its disposal. Part of OJSC GAZPROM.
LLC Gazprom transgaz Ukhta
(Severgazprom)/ ООО Газпром трансгаз Ухта (Севергазпром)
Ukhta, Russia.
Gazprom transgaz Ukhta is a gas transporting company that has more than 11 000 km of pipelines at ist disposal. Part of OJSC GAZPROM.
LLC Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy
(Urengoygazprom)/ ООО Газпром добыча Уренгой (Уренгойгазпром)
Novy Urengoy, YaNAO, Russia.
The company is engaged in field exploration, extraction and comprehensive treatment of oil and gas for transportation. The company has 11 000 km of pipelines in operation. Part of OJSC GAZPROM.
OLLC Gazprom transgaz Ekaterinburg
(Uraltransgas)/ ООО Газпром трансгаз Екатеринбург (Уралтрансгаз)
Ekaterinburg, Russia
The gas transportation enterprise has over 8000 km of pipelines, 18 compressor stations. The company has 241 gas distribution stations. Part of OJSC GAZPROM.
LLC Gazprom transgaz St. Petersburg
(Lentransgas)/ ООО Газпром трансгаз Санкт-Петербург (Лентрансгаз)
St. Petersburg, Russia.
The company’s core activity is transportation of natural gas via main pipelines and its consequent storage in storing depots, as well as gas supplies to Russian and foreign customers. The company also produces, stores, transports and markets liquefied gas. The gas transportation enterprise has over 10000 km of main gas pipelines, 25 compressor stations. Part of OJSC GAZPROM.
OJSC Vostokgazprom / ОАО Востокгазпром Tomsk, Russia
The company develops fields with complex geological structure, produces and processes raw hydrocarbons. The company’s activities meet the demand for gas fuel and energy of industrial enterprises and the population of Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk and Kemero regions. OJSC Vostokgazprom is one of the leading enterprises amongst the largest enterprises in the Siberian Federal District.
OJSC Tomskgazprom / ОАО Томскгазпром Tomsk, Russia
Scope of activity: field exploration, production, processing of raw hydrocarbons, marketing of gas, oil, condensate, and petrochemicals. The company produces approximately 2 900 million cubic meters of gas and 980 000 tonnes of oil and gas condensate. Part of OJSC Vostokgazprom.
LLC Sibmetahim
CJSC Metanol / ООО Сибметахим
ЗАО Метанол
Tomsk, Russia
Methanol, formalin, aminoformaldehyd resin and other products are produced at the plant. The company’s share in production of chemicals in Russia is as follows: rectified methanol - 25%, carbamide resin - 18 %, formalin - 15 %,
Part of OJSC Vostokgazprom.
OJSC National Oil and Gas Company SAKHANEFTEGAZ / ОАО Национальная Нефтегазовая компания «САХАНЕФТЕГАЗ» Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia.
The company comprises OJSC Lenstroyneftegaz, OJSC Yakutskgeofizika and OJSC Lenaneftegaz. The company’s activities include: production, processing and transportation of oil and gas. Oil production makes up approximately 1,5 billion cubic meters per year.
OJSC Lenaneftegaz / ОАО Ленанефтегаз Lensk, Sakha Republic, Russia
An affiliated company of OJSC NNGK SAKHANEFTEGAZ
OJSC Oil Company Severneft / ОАО Нефтяная компания «Севернефть» Novy Urengoy, Russia.
The company produces and transports oil, generates power.
OJSC Arktikgaz / ОАО Арктикгаз Novy Urengoy, YaNAO, Russia.
A privately owned company engaged in production of oil, gas and condensate. The company’s reserves make up 900 billion cubic meters in terms of gas and 860 million tonnes in terms of oil.
OJSC Volgogaz / ОАО Волгогаз Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
The company’s activities encompass pipeline construction, construction and repairs of gas facilities, design and construction for oil and gas industries, production of construction materials and structures, ground works, construction of utilities and equipment, commissioning, installation of power supply lines,installation ofcontrol and measurement instrumentation.
NRHC Uzbekneftegaz / НХК Узбекнефтегаз Tashkent, the Republic of Uzbekistan.
A national holding company comprising several companies: JSC Uzgeoburneftegaz, JSC Uzneftegazdobycha, JSC Uztransgaz, JSC Uztnefteprodukt, JSC Uzneftegazstroyinvest, and JSC Uzneftegazmash.
JSC Uzneftegeoburneftegaz conducts geological exploration, drilling of oil and gas wells.
JSC Uzneftegazdobycha develops gas and oil fields, produces oil, gas, condensate and processes natural gas.
JSC Uztransgaz provides for gas transportation and its consequent storage.
JSC Uznefteprodukt owns 100% stocks of Fergana, Altyaryk and Buhara refineries which process oil and gas condensate.
JSC Uzneftegazstroyinvest carries out design projects and provides facilities for gas and oil production and processing sites.
JSC Uzneftegazmash manufactures machinery for oil and gas companies.
USE Fergana Refining plant
(FNPZ)/ УДП Ферганский нефтеперерабатывающий завод (ФНПЗ)
Ferghana, the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The plant produces petroleum solvents, gasolines, boiler and diesel fuel, fuel oil, kerosenes, motor, hydraulic and turbine oils, petroleum coke, lubricant, bitumen, paraffin candles, etc. Part of JSC Uznefteprodukt.
USE Bukhara refinery plant
(BNPZ)/ УДП Бухарский нефтеперерабатывающий завод (БНПЗ)
Qorovulbozor, Bukhara region, the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Some of the plant’s products include gasoline, jet engine fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel oil, kerosene, solvent, and industrial sulphur. Part of JSC Uznefteprodukt.
USE Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex (GCC)/ УДП Шуртанский ГХК Kashkadarya region, the Republic of Uzbekistan
3,9 billion cubic meters of gas is annually processed at the plant. The plant produces polyethylene granules, liquefied gas, gas condensate as well as granulated sulphur. Part of JSC UZNEFTEGAZDOBYCHA, which is in turn part of NRHC Uzbekneftegaz Holding.
USE Mubarek Gas Processing Plant / УДП Мубарекский ГПЗ Mubarek, the Republic of Uzbekistan.
12 billion cubic meters of natural gas is processed at the plant annually. The plant’s design capacity makes up 258 thousand tonnes of liquefied gas and 125 thousand tonnes of gas condensate. Part of NRHC Uzbekneftegaz Holding.
CJSC Linik, Lisichansky Refinery Plant / ЗАО Линик, Лиситчанский НПЗ Lisichansk, Ukraine.
Some of the plant’s products are: lead-free gasoline, winter and summer diesel fuel, furnace fuel oil, jet engine fuel, polypropylene, liquefied gas, lamp sulfur and bitumens. Part of TNK-BP Holding.
LLC Karpatneftehim, CJSC LUKOR / ООО Карпатнефтехим, ЗАО ЛУКОР Kalush, Ukraine.
The enterprise produces polyethylen, vinylchloride monomer, benzol, propylene, pyrolyzed resins, butylene-butadiene fraction and ethylene. Part of Lukoil-Neftekhim Group.
Ukraine’s top oil and gas company. UKRNAFTA operates more than 2170 oil and over 200 gas wells. The company accounts for about 70% of oil and gas condensate production and over 12% of gas production in Ukraine. UKRNAFTA has 98 oil and gas fields and produces about 50 thousand barrels of oil, 7 thousand barrels of condensate and approximately 300 million cubic meters of gas daily. The company’s core produce is light ends and liquefied gas.
The capacity of crude treatment makes up 18,6 million tonnes of oil per year. The plant produces and markets motor, industrial and base oils, gasolines, diesel fuel, fuel oil, liquefied gas, road bitumen, lump sulphur, etc.
SLD Lvovgazdobycha / ГПУ Львовгаздобыча Lviv, Ukraine
Natural gas production.
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating b.v. / Карачаганак Петролиум Оперейтинг Б. В. Karachaganak, the Republic of Kazakhstan
One of the largest gas condensate fields in the world. The enterprise produces and refines gas and oil. In 2010 the company produced 133,7 million barrels of oil. The company has drilled the deepest and extremely technically complicated wells in Kazakhstan, including the deepest multilateral wells.
KazMunayGas Oil Corporation Embamunaigas / Нефтяная Корпорация КазМунайГаз, Эмбамунайгаз Astana, Aktau, the Repulic of Kazakhstan
The enterprise conducts field exploration, production, transportation and processing of oil and gas. The approximate oil and condensate production volume is 18,7 million tonnes per year. The company has shares in all the major oil and gas assets of Kazakhstan, the total reserves volume is 948.1 million tonnes of oil and 102.2 billion cubic meters of gas. The corporation promotes Kazakhstan’s interests in the oil and gas sector and represents the state in oil and gas development and production projects. Kazmunaygas is entitled to acquire 100% of new onshore field development projects and licenses and 50% of offshore projects. The company’s subsidiaries: JSC KazTrabsoil, JSC KazTransGas, JSC KazMunayGas Processing and Marketing, JSC National Maritime Company Kazmortransflot, JSC Kazakh Oil and Gas Institute
NC KazMunayGas JSC – KazMunayGas Refining and Marketing, Atyrau Refinery LLP / АО КазМунайГаз – переработка и маркетинг, ТОО Атырауский НПЗ Аtyrau, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The plant’s oil refining capacity amounts to 4,3 million tonnes per year.
JSC Shymkent Refinery plant / ТОО Шымкентский НПЗ Shymkent, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The oil refining capacity of the plant makes up 5,25 million tonnes per year.
JSC Pavlodar Petrochemical plant / ТОО Павлодарский Нефтехимический завод Pavlodar, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The plant has a refining capacity of 5,01 million tonnes per year.
SAT Operating Atyrau Ltd., Plastic producing plant / ТОО САТ Оперейтинг Атырау, Завод пластмасс Atytau, the Republic of Kazakhstan
Manufactures products of plastic, natural rubber, polyethylene and other materials.
JSC KOR Oil Company
(JSC NK JOR)/ АО Нефтяная Компания «КОР»
Aktau, the Republic of Kazakhstan
An oil producing and oil refining enterprise. The company makes wide use of innovative technologies and equipment.
JV Kazgermunai LLP / ТОО СП «Казгермунай» Kyzylorda, the Republic of Kazakhstan.
One of the largest oil companies in Kazakhstan. The company’s activities are focused on geological exploration, field development, production and marketing of raw carbons. Kazgermunai today is a high-tech, dynamic oil and gas company that guarantees efficient production and sparing use of natural resources.The oil production capacity of the company amounts to 3,1 million tonnes per year.
CJSC Amangeldy Gas / ЗАО Амангельды газ Taraz, the Republic of Kazakhtsan
The company is engaged in natural gas production.
JSC Turgai-Petroleum plant / АО Тургай Петролиум Kyzylorda, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The company produces oil and provides field exploration and oil and gas production services.
JSC Caspi Neft / АО Каспий нефть Аtyrau, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The company carries out geological exploration of Airankol oil fieldand produces raw carbons.
JSC MATIN LLC / ТОО СП «МАТИН» Аtyrau, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The company is active in field development and gas and oil production.
Buzachi Operating Company Ltd./ Компания Бузачи Оперейтинг Лтд Aktau, the Republic of Kazakhstan
The company is an EPC contractor for offshore gas and oil wells drilling projects in Kazakhstan.
SC Turkmenneft / ГК Туркменнефть Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
The concern is one of the largest enterprises in oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan engaged in geological exploration, drilling, production, transportation and processing of oil.
The concern comprises 8 oil production enterprises, 4 drilling works department, a well workovers company, a company dealing with reinforcement of oil and gas wells, 5 transport companies, a chemical production company, a research institute, repair and engineering works, a gas collection and transportation department, main pipelines department. The concern has increased its oil production volume from 6 million tonnes to 8 million tonnes per year, gas production volume has risen to 12000 million cubic meters annualy.
SC Turkmengaz / ГК Туркменгаз Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Turkmengas is a state-owned concern. Its main activities include: development of gas and gas condensate fields, gas and gas condensate production, natural gas processing газа, transportation of liquefied and wet gas, marketing of gas and gas products on the domestic and international markets. The concern carries out drilling works in the East of Turkmenistan. Turkmengaz has the following subsidiaries: Marygazdobycha, Dovletbatgazdobycha, Lebapgazdobycha, Turkmengaz Processing, Turkmenburgaz, Turkmentransgaz, Turkmengazosnabzhenie. The concern also has auxiliary branches Turkmengazsvyaz, Turkmengazavtomatika, Turkmengazfizika.
Burren Resources Petroleum Ltd / Компания Burren Resources Petroleum Ltd Ashgabat, Turkmenistan